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23 November 1983
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I am an 24/m/NYC orthodox Jew,middle-of-the-road democrat, and open-minded to new things and suggestions. I'm a big flirt. I like to communicate, so please help me do so.

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"That, and pledging never to have sex gives you hang-ups. I'll tell you how big my hang-ups are: I'm not even in my own sex fantasies. And by this I don't mean to suggest that I'm, say, sitting in the corner in an overstuffed arm chair smoking a cigarette and watching -- I'm not even in the room! I'm someplace else entirely! Quite possibly shopping! And the truth is, the incredibly sad pathetic truth is, I'm lucky I can manage to have any sort of sex fantasies at all. It seems to me that most people's really juicy sex fantasies have their roots in adolescent obsessions, and my adolescent obsession was Jesus, and even I am not screwed up enough to have a sex fantasy about Jesus." - "The Big Love" by Sarah Dunn

My dear Children, consider what comfort it will be unto you when you have come to dye, that whilst other children have been playing, you have been praying. The time will come, as ought know you very well shortly...thou shalt be sick upon they bed, stuggling for life, thy poor body will be trembling so that the very bedsprings shake...thine eyestrings will break and thy heartstrings will break. Then, O then will the rememberance of thy holy life be a reassurance of the love of G-d.
---Thomas Parkhust, Prose For Children, 1702

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