Coby (gratefuljewhead) wrote,

Fucking assholes

I fucking hate the world because everybody hates me. I have a clearly written prescribed diet on a prescription pad so Hasc has to follow it but still nobody gives a shit. I have never been able to follow the diet because they don't buy the ingredients I need or show me how to cook them properly. I can only go as far as seeing how things will taste and what ingredients should go into something but I am clueless to the practical parts like knowing how to prepare or how long or which way is the best way to cook. Everybody assumes I do because I can plan so far. I tried explaining this to the supervisor just now and he retorted "so I should be your slave"? Brainless wonder. Almost anything I say to anybody goes straight over their head because they feel I'm too smart and are insulting them ipso de facto io educationo Figure that one out dumbass! Also he's fucking Russian. I hate Russians with a passion. Liars, cheaters, thrives. Always looking to pull a fast one on you. This guy as no different. None of them are different. Everybody seems to know the quickest and best way to piss me off the most in any given situation. Russians, in particular have an inherent talent, a knack for pissing me off very easily and hitting me below the proverbial belt. Fuckem. I hate people because people hate me. I try and bring my intellect down a little to try and fit in with the rest of society but I can't make myself stupid enough. I am drowning in a sea of idiocy. If you stumble across this be sure to try and communicate your take on things. Or just go fuck yourself. Do what's comfortable for you

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