Coby (gratefuljewhead) wrote,
gratefuljewhead maybe i was wrong. i think i am regressing to the state of mind (emotionally/mentally) that i had from 14-22. (see almost entire journal). i'm beginning to realize how much tension headaches suck :-( lots of stress for no reason (or none i can think of) eating too much (even when i'm not hungry i eat), fun stuff like that. seem familiar to anyone?
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hi, I saw you on the PTSD community but I'm not sure I'm experienced enough/qualified to offer suggestions there.
so I thought I'd just pop you a note.

my therapist always says to remove myself from the situation if possible. quiet place. bath. laying down in a safe place. or long walk to process your thoughts.
or switch gears (she suggested) with reading a familiar and loved book...i can't use that one when I'm all in it. for me the writing helps a lot.

if there is no one for you to turn to, there is not for me either, you will need to find ways to comfort yourself.
the post is good. you could try to write it out in more detail, both for yourself and for the PTSD community to step up and offer you support.

you can talk to me if it helps. or not.